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                  Expect the unexpected!

  • Take special note of the two parts of the flood in Noah's day.
  • See how precisely God tells us of the one and only flood.
  • Today almost everyone teaches of a continuous flood.  This flooding only exists because of an artist's misconception of the word "water".
  • "Water" is not always liquid in the Bible.  Water mentioned in the first and second day of Creation was in outer space, at the temperature of Absolute "O" Kelvin. (-459.6F. or -273.1C.)   This water was in fact  ice crystals.  The atmosphere separated the waters above it (cloud of ice crystals) from the water below it which were also ice crystals  compacted on earth in the form of snow.  Both called "water!"  This very water after melting would be bottled for us to drink and use in many daily tasks like bathing, cooking, cleaning, or for fun like swimming and boating. It would also become our great  bodies of water like lakes and oceans.
  •  The first time the dove was sent out in Genesis 8:8,9 it came back without anything in its beak because snow (water in frozen form) was upon the whole earth.  The typical picture of the dove coming back with the olive branch in its beak is the second time the dove was sent out. (Gen.8:10,11)    If a picture is to represent a TRUE moment in time you cannot combine these two events.  They were seven days apart.   
  • (Gen.2:5,6)  The "mist" of Creation on the third day was  BEFORE plants were placed on the earth and should be left for that time period only.  It was not mist as we know it.   It was actually visible water vapor with a great deal of heat applied coming from inside the earth.  It takes sunshine, flora, and liquid water to make the mist we are accustom to seeing.  As you probably already know sunshine did not happen until the forth day of Creation according to the Bible.  Since there was a lack of two of the three elements (plants and the sun's awesome radiance) we need to think of something similar to the mist we know without  limiting it to our own perceptions.  How about steam?  Makes sense to me.  Actually I cover this in much greater detail in the book I wrote on, "The Unveiling of Noah's Ark."  It explains how and why the steam came about and what it did so well.
  • Noah's ark had only one window according to God's word.  Check out the pictures you find and compare them with what we are told in scriptures.   It should make you think about artistic liberties and the truthfulness found in the Bible.  While you are looking see if the ark is portrayed to be at least 450 ft. to 510 ft. long.  I believe that accuracy and truth go hand in hand and in the case of scriptural art it should always exemplify truth.
  • "The Unveiling of Noah's Ark" is written at God's prompting.  The veils are artistic liberties that obscure the beauty of honesty.  These veils are being removed so that "God's Word" comes shining through in the profound circumstances of the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.  Honesty has  another universal attribute.  God works through it in powerful, even miraculous ways as many of you would affirm.  On the other hand when things become dishonest or compromised then He backs off and many times the results are our worst fears.



         This is an exciting learning tool where you will be introduced to proven concepts.  While exploring what the Bible has to say about the flood of Noah's day it will be seen in a timeless light - God's!  Your reward will be one of a strong inner confidence as His word comes to make perfect sense. I am privileged to share that which I have been given.  Feel free to contact me in case you would like to place an advance order of the book I wrote, "The Unveiling of Noah's  Ark."  The information in the following pages may stir a desire in you to invest in its first publication.   At any rate feel free to visit this Web-site as often as you like and tell friends about  it.  Plans are in the works to enlarge it to include new light on the amazing Creation story found in the Bible and to keep you up to date as this business progresses.  Also, your comments are important.   Please feel free to contact me through this site. 


                                                                         Ron Melander 

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